Tavis Smiley must pay former employer PBS for violating morals clause, jury finds

After attending Indiana University , he worked during the late s as an aide to Tom Bradley , the mayor of Los Angeles. They were featured together interviewing musician Bill Withers in the documentary film Still Bill. Tavis Smiley was born in Gulfport, Mississippi , the son of Joyce Marie Roberts, a single woman who first became pregnant at age Air Force. On arriving in Indiana, the Smiley family took up residence in a three-bedroom mobile home in the small town of Bunker Hill, Indiana. Initially, four of her five children were cared for by their grandmother known as “Big Mama” , but ill health impaired her ability, and Joyce and Emory took them in.

Tavis Smiley Lands New Show Amid Sexual Misconduct Accusations

PBS says more witnesses have detailed sexual misconduct allegations against talk-show host Tavis Smiley, who was suspended in December and later fired. In papers filed in Washington, D. AP — Less than a month after PBS dropped Tavis Smiley’s talk show after reported inappropriate relationships with subordinates, Smiley announced a deal Monday to go back to work with a new series about inspirational stories.

He’s upset about his depiction in the media.

Tavis Smiley talked about his book, [What I Know for Sure: My Story of Although, that said, I belonged to a church where dating was frowned upon Are you going to have anybody that disagrees with the black community?

The findings of that investigation were unsealed this week in relation to an ongoing lawsuit surrounding his dismissal. On Friday, Smiley took to Facebook to address the latest headlines about him: “A weak case you play in the press, a strong case you play out in a court of law,” he wrote. One such allegation detailed in the report comes from an unnamed woman who told the external investigator Smiley sent her text messages asking her to “hook up” and another allegedly saying “he had checked her out in her tight pants.

The woman also told the investigator Smiley brushed up against her and when she asked for a letter of reference at the end of her internship, she alleges he declined unless she agreed to go to his home at 11 p. She refused. Smiley’s response to her allegations was detailed in the investigative report. Because there is a Victoria’s Secret at the Grove right here and I can buy you some stuff, some panties.

Tavis Smiley Ordered To Pay PBS $2.6 Million For Violating Morals Clause In Sex Harassments Cases

Smiley simply can’t be late. He is the host of an 11 p. No Smiley. No show.

For years, Tavis Smiley, the former PBS late-night talk show host, has different than a junior worker dating someone in the C-suite, and the.

He also answered questions… read more. He also answered questions on his life and current issues. Topics included his experiences as a talk show host on BET and Public Radio International , his childhood in an all-white town in Indiana, living in a foster home, his Christian upbringing, the influence of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Some portions of this program contain offensive language. C-SPAN has agreements with retailers that share a small percentage of your purchase price with our network.

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Tavis Smiley admits to sexual relationships with workers

By Chris Spargo For Dailymail. Tavis Smiley is refusing to back down in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations, with the embattled host taking on his anonymous accusers and PBS. In an interview with Paula Farris on Good Morning America , Smiley admitted to having sexual relationships with people who worked at his eponymous talk show and sending them ‘lewd messages’ but was animate that there was never any form of misconduct. Smiley explained those messages were sent not as a boss to his employee but as a man to another individual with whom he was having a consensual relationship.

He also said that no favoritism or upward movement was provided to individuals who engaged in relationships with him over the years.

While PBS helped to distribute Tavis Smiley beginning in , it offered concerning Mr. Smiley’s purported misconduct dating back to at least Rather than consult with anyone at TSM or hire an independent third-party.

What Tavis Smiley knows for sure is that you can achieve your heart’s desire if you have faith, if you never give up and if you pour all Of course, you also need talent and help along the way. He is an activist for social justice and the author of eight books. What a lot of people might know about Smiley is that he was fired from BET after four years as host of its nighttime talk show and that he quit his subsequent NPR program because he believed the network was only interested in a narrow segment of the white population.

Both happened in part because of his strong personality and unswerving commitment to his personal vision. On air he is so smooth and friendly you can forget the drive that got him into that chair, and turned the seat hot on occasion. Smiley was reared by his mother and stepfather in a trailer park in a tiny, mostly white town in Indiana, crammed in with 10 siblings and his maternal grandmother.

Tavis Smiley’s poisonous partnership with PBS

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A jury decided that Tavis Smiley must pay his former employer PBS about from the network, Smiley said he was “as shocked as anyone else by PBS’ An external investigator hired by PBS found allegations that dated back.

First he lost his studio and station home. Then some public radio stations dumped him after he criticized President Obama. Earlier this year, Arsenio Hall swept in and poached his executive producer and other key staffers. Oh, and the tendons in his ankles needed surgery. No need for a pity party: The year-old veteran broadcaster last month signed a new two-year deal with PBS for his self-titled late-night talk show, where VIPs from general-turned-statesman Colin Powell to dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov to author Amy Tan have turned up for in-depth discussions.

His right foot was sheathed in an orthotic boot because of nagging tendon trouble; he was due for surgery the next day, then weeks of physical therapy. One wall was covered with framed awards and honorary degrees. Such is the life of a public-television personality. The rest comes from corporate sponsors, which Smiley has to round up himself. But luckily for Smiley, Wal-Mart, a longtime sponsor, stepped up again, this time with a three-year commitment.

PBS can only offer a maximum of two years on renewals because, as a government-supported entity, it must be periodically authorized by Congress.

Tavis Smiley

As has become typical in the expanding witch-hunt over alleged sexual offenses by prominent men in politics, the media and the entertainment industry, the public broadcaster did not name the accusers or provide any details of their allegations. Smiley himself has not been given this information, nor afforded an opportunity to confront his accusers and dispute their charges. Many of those summarily fired or forced to resign have denied the charges against them.

Variety knew it before I did. I learned of the investigation when former staffers started contacting me to share the uncomfortable experience of receiving a phone call from a stranger asking whether I had ever done anything to make them uncomfortable, and if they could provide other names of persons to call… Only after being threatened with a lawsuit did PBS investigators reluctantly agree to interview me for three hours.

Tavis Smiley Opens Up New Corporate Headquarters In LA* >• Smiley introduces the design dream team who and we didn’t want to turn anybody away.

Smiley, who reported that Mr. Smiley had engaged in inappropriate behavior and sexual misconduct on multiple occasions. Smiley about inviting controversial African American figures on to his show. However, when Mr. This investigation included interviews with witnesses as well as with Mr. In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal, women and men alike have been more vocal about speaking out against unwanted sexual advances and contact.

The accusations have been many, and the reaction and fallout has been swift across the industry.

Tavis Smiley: articulate, curious and on a mission

Our coronavirus coverage is free for the first 24 hours. Find the latest information at tampabay. Please consider subscribing or donating. He’s angry about his depiction in the media. Smiley believes that if he hadn’t talked publicly about romantic relationships with subordinates at his company, the behavior that led to his downfall, the public would make little distinction between him and those who have been accused of sexual assault or rape.

Conflation of different forms of misbehavior — the idea itself is controversial — is one of the issues facing media organizations covering the fast-moving story of sexual misconduct that went into overdrive with investigations into Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein’s behavior.

PBS has prevailed on its claim that Tavis Smiley breached a morals clause. As of , Tavis Smiley’s is not dating anyone. Both UCLA and USC have reported.

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